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Assigning Limited Set of Floating IPs with Your DevStack

Recently, I wanted to use the public IPs assigned to my server to the devstack environment. The hosting company has allocated a /29 subnet for the server I am renting. In my local.conf I can either specify to so I can use as floating IPs for the VMs. However, I do not want to assign the first usable IP ( as the physical host is already using it so I can access the server remotely. If I do so otherwise, it will mess up the iptables rules on the server and lock me out.

There are two ways I can prevent the .10 IP to be associated as floating-IP, first, I can simply specify in the range so that nova will only use .13-.14 IPs but this kinda put the .11-.12 pair unused. So instead, I keep the /29 rage specified and I can manually associate floating IPs to my instances, skipping the .10. For example, using the nova client, it shows I have 6 usable IPs, when in fact I can only use the last 4.

To assign .11 IP manually, I can also use the nova-client this way and skip .9-.10:

When using Horizon, avoid doing the association via Project > Compute > Instances > Associate Floating IP. This will pick the first available floating IP which is not what you want. Instead, do it via Project > Compute > Access & Security > Floating IPs, then allocate IPs to the project until you get the first IP you can assign.

I wish somehow Nova-Network can exclude some IPs from this range to make it easier :).