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Pacemaker Failed Actions ‘not installed’ And ‘not configured’

Playing around with Percona Replication Manager, and being new to Pacemaker, some errors were somewhat cryptic.

First, it says here that I have ‘operation monitor failed’ on node ha02.localdomain. This error simply means ‘I cannot run the operation monitor because it is not installed’. Where does this operation supposed to come from, from the resource agent. Turns out, I did not have the mysql resource agent in place under /usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/percona.

Second, here it says it failed to start the the reader_vip resources, lookint only from the cluster status outputs the cause is not obvious. If you dig closely from the cluster logs, you may find the reason why. In my case, the reader VIP cannot be bound to an interface which was non-existent.

I plan to write more as I explore the exciting world of Pacemaker!